Molly (and Rupert)


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Molly was an 8 month old bitch who was taken by a man from a young family who did not realise just how much work a young Dalmatian could be, they had only had her for 2 weeks themselves. The following day he went into work & found he had been made redundant & so the next day he phoned & asked us to rehome her for him, as he wouldn’t be able to afford to keep her. Her new family write as follows :

MollyR2Dear British Dalmatian Welfare, we are the people who contacted Dalmatian Welfare in January, wanting a young Dalmatian & after a few weeks you phoned about one in South Wales called Molly.

Well, we just wanted to let you know that Molly is getting on really well. I know you never “met” her, but she is a really lovely dog & we feel so lucky to have her. She is so affectionate & has settled in so quickly, we can’t imagine life without her now. She & Rupert (our Jack Russell) are the best of friends too & spend hours playing together. So this is really to say a very big thank you. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer dog.

Our Vet says we should have her spayed in May, which will be 3 months after her first season. I know that there is money available for this from yourselves, to help contribute towards this, but we were wondering if we didn’t claim it, whether the money could be put into Dalmatian Welfare funds instead. With our very best wishes. Ron & Jill. Molly’s new owners.

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