Female, 11½ years old

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Molly is a black spotted 6 year old spayed bitch who requires a new home, she is deaf and does require full sign training from scratch.

She is house trained, friendly and behaves well around children and other dogs, however she can be boisterous and play rough.

Molly would be suited to a family with older children over 10 years of age.

Molly is not cat tested therefore requires a home without cats.

Please consider adopting Molly, who is only missing one of her five senses and can adapt, understand and learn with time and patience.

Deaf dog training is easy and rewarding! Recommended reading –

Hear, Hear! A Guide to training a deaf dog – by Barry Eaton

Living with a Deaf Dog. Advice, facts and experiences about canine deafness – by Susan Cope Becker.

Websites –

DDEAT – Covering deaf dog issues

The Deaf Dog Network

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