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We have had Mollie for two years now, when we rescued her she weighed 48 kilos she now weighs 34 kilos so she is doing great.  Mollie  is a typical Dalmatian that still nicks food at the best opportunity but no longer snatches out of people hands.  She is an absolute delight to walk, her recall is a lot better and she knows when to have her lead put back on.  Mollie is brilliant with other dogs and enjoys playing with Ted who she lives with.  She does make us laugh though with her bark as it sounds like she is singing if you ask her to talk she talks back to you. She really enjoys playing with our children and will often get one of their toys and chuck it into the air to get their reaction or even pull her bedding out of her box and try to flip it into the air.  She used to destroy furniture but that has stopped.  After her morning run round the fields she likes nothing more than to get in her bed and sleep until the children come home. 
Mollie is very clever our daughter suffers with nose bleeds and the other day when she had one Mollie ran down the stairs to tell us which was so sweet.  We take Mollie and Ted all over the place for their walks but she really does enjoy being off the lead and running,  rolling and splashing in the water and mud she always looks like a chocolate Labrador by the time she comes home.  When we first got her we took her on a boat to the Isle of Wight,  this did not faze her at all she was really good whilst there she went on a train and tractor and showed no fear.  Mollie is real a joy to have. The main picture is Mollie posing after a long walk the second picture is Mollie playing with Joe and the third is mollie on the train on the Isle of Wight.
Teresa Harris and Mollie
Mollie 2 Mollie 3
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