Male, 9 years old

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Moli is a two and a half year old unspayed bitch who lives with another unspayed bitch and a un-castrated dog. She was purchased by her current owners about a year ago as a non breeding companion for their entire dog understanding that she had been spayed at the time, this has proved to be incorrect and she has since had a litter of puppies which are just about to go to their new homes.

Moli is a lovely dog in every respect the only thing she does not like is if you shut a door on her if you are in the house. She is fine if you close a door when you are not in the house and go out, no problem – but she will scratch the door to get to you. Moli was apparently locked in a shed/wendy house for the first part of her life before the current owners took her and this is the only thing they have found that she gets stressed about. Moli is fighting with the resident bitch so the owner would like to have her rehomed. Our assessor found Moli to be a really friendly dog, good on a lead and with other dogs when out, she needs to go to a home where she is ether on her own or there is castrated dog and/or the owners are at home most of the time and she can come and go as she pleases without restrictions and doors having to be closed on her.


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