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Mocha3When Mocha arrived in April 2009 we had no idea really of what to expect. However, we had been told that she was a loving dog, from a family and aged almost 8 (this was a slight concern as we had originally thought that a younger dog would fit our family).

It took a few weeks for her settle into our home and particularly befriending my husband (she still is wary of strange men! (which can be a good thing!). The children warmed to her straight away and her to them. Over the past year and a half Mocha has provided our family with so much entertainment, energy, fun and love, we couldn’t have wished for more. Everybody thinks that she is much younger and she enjoys nothing more than long walks and runs.

Adopting an older dog brings many advantages to family life. Mocha is content with one walk a day and loves spending time in her bed, or sleeping in the sun. She also doesn’t chew and is house trained!

Mocha2Our first Dalmatian, that we had from a puppy, died unexpectedly aged 5 and we feel that every dog, any age, should be given the chance of a happy life and loving home, nobody knows how long they have. The added bonus was that Mocha shared the exact date of birth as our eldest son, much to his delight!

We hope to enjoy many more wonderful years with Mocha (Mochsie, Mochs, doodles and all the other names she now gets called!). Tiffany

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