Male, 16 years old

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Milo came from a much loved home but his owner was unable to give him the time that she knew he deserved. Milo came with a lovely letter explaining his routine and the fact that he never played.

Well Milo came into the house and explored and then found the toy box, he was like a child in a sweet shop. He will play 24/7 if he can and loves to run along beside the bike for several miles only having a dog nap before bringing a toy to you for a game. He is on medication which is keeping his skin condition under control, but when people come to our house they think he is a puppy not an eight-year-old! Milo is settled and him and our other welfare Dalmatian Bailey get on fine, the only time Bailey will bark at him is when Milo is in Bailey’s bed, although Bailey is not averse to sleeping in Milo’s.

So it is thanks to British Dalmatian Welfare that our home is complete with two of the most loveable Dalmatians you could ever wish for.

(also see Milo’s companion Bailey’s Happy story)

Pettican family

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