Milo (Spanish Spot)

Male, 7½ years old

Image of Dog

Milo is currently in the care of Save A Spanish Spot. For more information or to apply to adopt Milo please contact them direct on 07500 734039 or through their website

Milo is a gorgeous 3 year old male Tri-coloured Dalmatian. He has been loved and adored and well trained by his owner. He does suffer with allergies and Dally Rash. The owner has been advised that a quieter environment and a better diet would benefit him greatly, unfortunately there are not that many options in Spain for specialist diets, and she lives in a small home with several other dogs and cats, and just wants the best for her boy, so has asked us to find him a new home.

Milo currently lives with several other dogs with no issues. He also happily lives with cats. He has been trained to walk to heel while out walking the streets, to the point that she does not have to use a lead with him. He responds very well to voice commands, in Spanish. The owner is happy to help you learn all the voice commands. He loves playing with a ball, is loving, affectionate, playful and a joy to have around.

Milo would suit a home where it is quieter. He is wary of strangers so a home without noisy close neighbours, new people arriving and leaving all the time, and a lovely quiet garden for him to relax in would suit him better. He can live with other dogs and cats but maybe just one other dog.

He is on medication for his Dally Rash. The owner has been advised by the vet that a good diet and less stress should help him, but we can’t guarantee this would completely go.

If you would like to adopt Milo please contact Elli Sibthorpe from Save A Spanish Spot on 07500 734039 or through the website

Home checks and an adoption donation of £400 applies.

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