Male, 17½ years old

Image of Dog

Can anyone help Milo?  This 13 year old, black spotted, castrated, boy is looking for a new forever home as his family are having to move to the other side of the world and feel that taking him with them would not be in his best interests at this later stage in his life.

Milo has reasonable hearing for his age and is good with all people and children.  He plays for a short time with other dogs but, like most oldies, can get a tad tired and just want to sit down.  He will bark at cats when out for his walks.  He does pull on his lead and is, more often than not, walked off lead which has resulted over time in him having excellent recall.

He travels well and can be left for up to 5 hours at home.

Milos current vet confirms that Milo is in good health.

Awaiting assessment.

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