Male, 16½ years old

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Miki is 10 years old. He has spent 9 years of his life tied up on a balcony, never walked, not included in family life, used as a stud to father many puppies. As he has served his purpose the owners no longer wanted him. Options for Miki were limited because of his age so we stepped in to rescue him, rather than letting him be put to sleep. We would love for Miki to find a home where he can learn what being a loved family dog is all about and for him to make some happy memories before his time comes. Miki has received no training and been ignored most of his life so will need an experienced home with someone who has the time and knowledge and patience to help him adjust. He is currently in foster care in Spain waiting to travel to the UK. He has been castrated and is generally in good health but does have Leishmaniasis. An easily treated disease and he will come with his medication and continued support.

If you think you can offer Miki that second chance he so deserves please call

Lucille Sibthorpe of Save a Spanish Spot on 07500 734039 www.dalmatianrescue.co.uk  Home check and adoption fee apply

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