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Marley Happy Story

Marley has been with us for four-weeks now. He has settled into his new home and routine so well. Within nine-minutes of being in his new home our two cats made it very clear that he was welcome so long as he was at the bottom of the pecking order and remained there for the rest of his life! Despite this, they now sleep together on my bed most nights. Marley loves his walks, although at present he has to remain on the lead, as his recall outside is horrendous.

He has made many new 4-legged pals. My sister has severe learning disabilities; despite this they have formed a very loving relationship. Marley insists on giving her kisses and cuddles every morning and night and sneaks up for the occasional cuddle throughout the day. Marley has visited the day centre for those with learning disabilities several times and has behaved brilliantly. He now has a fan base of hundreds and we have lost count of how many times people have asked to take his photograph. They all say how well behaved he is for one so young. When we have had Marley for a few months we will consider having him assessed to become a ‘PAT’ dog, he has so much love to offer.

Marley only has 3 faults – he pulls on the lead, he squeaks his toys loudly when I’m on the phone and he does insist on waking me up for a cuddle at 06.00 – not appreciated on a weekend when a lie-in is required!

Thanks to all in Dalmatian Welfare for the excellent work they do. Without them, Marley would be living elsewhere and we would have lost out on a beautiful, loving and comical character. Awaiting photo.

Wendy Bennett

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