Male, 7½ years old

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Manni is a 9 month old male Dalmatian. He was surrendered to a pound in Spain by his owners as no longer wanted and they gave permission for him to be put to sleep. We were asked to help this poor little lad.

Manni has had a troubled upbringing and upon arriving at our foster place in Spain he was terrified of humans. He gets on well with other dogs and likes to play but was just too scared to come near anyone. He has improved greatly already and if you sit on the floor he comes over for fusses and cuddles and loves it. When standing, he desperately wants to come for a cuddle, but is just too scared of what someone may do to him if he does. He has already made such good progress we are sure that by the time he leaves to go to his new home he will have improved loads more. Manni needs a kind experienced home with people with Dalmatian experience. He would probably benefit from having another dog as company and to show him how great life can truly be. He will need patience, understanding and training, but he is so lovely I’m sure given the right environment he will blossom into a lovely family dog.

If you would like to adopt Manni please contact Lucille Sibthorpe of Save a Spanish Spot on 07500 734039  Home check and adoption fee apply

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