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We have been meaning to send British Dalmatian Welfare a Maisie update for a while but my husband Graeme & I just got married this week and, as I’m sure you can imagine things have been a bit hectic!

Having said that, first priority has always remained Maisie (often called Maisie-moo)! She gets lots of lovely long walks. We thought she probably hadn’t had many massive walks before so we’ve taken some time to build her up to ten miles which she does now with no bother at all.  Next milestone will be a twenty mile walk when we take her up to visit our parents in Scotland!

She has graduated from the beginners training class to the next level where she is learning some fancy moves!!  We took her to training initially to help her get used to meeting other dogs on the lead without going slightly nuts (off lead she is pretty much fine – perhaps just a bit boisterous at times and she seems to like it so we’re continuing with it.  We’ve even got plans to take her to agility training later this year.

Their have been many occasions when Graeme & I have looked at Maisie and thought “how did we get so lucky” she has fitted in so well and has even been letting us in on some of her comedy genius (which as you know Dalmatians are renowned for!). Her particular favourites are hide and seek with Meer Cat-type movements when peeking over bracken, heather or other foliage when out on walks and also (my personal favourite) imitating me when I yawn. Oh,I nearly forgot … she also has an amazing ability to mimic police, ambulance or fire engine sirens!!!  The first time it happened Graeme was alone with her in the car and he nearly crashed due to laughing so much!! On hearing this I obviously had my doubts but have since heard it myself and it’s unbelievable!!!!

While I’m at work she has a new best friend – Richard – who runs a dog lodge in the middle of nowhere, where there are at least ten dogs every day for Maisie to play with. Yes – she is slowly learning how to play!  I think it was harder for me the first time I took her there – I was so worried she would think she was getting re-homed yet again, but obviously the only way around that was to do it for a few days until she got it that I’d always come back to pick her up.

Her confidence is growing every day … she is showing it by being a typical Dalmatian and taking the mick!! Also in more basic ways in that she no longer feels the need to stick to us like glue and if and when she wants will take herself off for a bit of peace and quiet.

She came to our wedding this week, which ran over 3 days with all our guests staying at a Fort in Cornwall.  We had a pirate theme (just for the kids!) and Maisie had her own skull & crossbones bandana!!  This was the first time she met our families and the only way to describe how she dealt with it allis as an absolute superstar!!!  There wasn’t one person who didn’t comment on how amazing she is. She was fantastic with the kids and didn’t need to be on the lead once.

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