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“I wasn’t going to keep another dog.  I had lost two old Dally friends
within three years. And my beloved husband had just died.  All I wanted
to do was hide and not to care.  I no longer wanted to get out of bed.

Dalmation Welfare rang me on a Friday afternoon asking me to foster for
a few days a bitch who had been a breeder, had passed her sell by date
and was now living with a family whose landlord had discovered her
existence and, since there was a no pets clause in the lease, would not
allow her to stay.

Lucy was on my doorstep at 9.30am the following morning.

Within the hour we had bonded.  She made me get up in the mornings.  She
made me leave the house.  She gave me somebody to think about, care for,
talk to.  Within a very short time I was signing the adoption papers.

Lucy is a lovely girl who gets on with everyone – adults, children,
other dogs – but I really thought she might kill my cat such was the
initial dislike!  However the cat had words with her, won her over and
they are now the best of friends.  The two of them are a joy to watch
together and now even lie side by side.

When she arrived Lucy was fat with a mummy tummy down to the ground,
very – too much so – obedient, wary of walking further than my heels
when out, even off the lead.  Over the next few days, with the weight
dropping off her and the mummy tummy receding, she met cows, sheep,
rabbits, pheasants and was scared of the lot.  As she became more
familiar with country life she revelled in the freedom of the walks,
became more adventurous and now strays from my side for little
adventures although she always returns to call.  We meet, when out,
various other dogs and their owners which we both enjoy;  my next door
neighbours with their 9 year old, whom she adores, have adopted her as
their ‘give back at the end of the day’ dog and look after her if I go
out for any length of time.  She is loved and fussed over by everyone
she meets – is loving, kind and with a zest for life.  We love each
other.  I am so thankful for that phone call from Welfare.”

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