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Last June my Dalmatian Ellie died aged thirteen-and-a-half. I had adopted her aged three years and she saw me through a lot of emotional upheavals always being there for me. She had had a lot of health issues over the years. The biggest having half of her upper jaw removed due to a large cyst. I decided I would not have another dog as there were all sorts of things I wanted to do that you cannot do with a dog. A couple of months later I had done those things, there really weren’t as many as I thought. I found myself reading articles on rehoming and surfing animal sanctuary web sites. The problem was most dogs were not suitable to be homed with young children. I have a young grandson who stays a lot.

Then the brainwave moment. Another Dalmatian. They are not usually mistreated and often come from homes with children.

I contacted British Dalmatian Welfare, went through their adoption assessment process and was on the list of approved adopters. The first dog I expressed an interest in the owners changed their mind. The second dog, it happened again. Then one day just before Christmas I was offered Lucy. She is nine-years-old. I refused. I did not want to have a dog for a few short years and then have all the heartbreak of losing her.

Well luckily I thought about the situation and I phoned Valerie welfare coordinator to see if I could change my mind. I was in luck. I adopted Lucy in the beginning of January 2016. Home she came. A more loving, good natured Dalmatian I could not ask for.

She was a city dog. It was very obvious. Mud, yuk! Cold oh no! Heat and cuddles yes please. As she settles in she is building friendships with the local dog population. She is managing kissing gates, styles and goes through mud and comes out pretty clean. Lucy will run across the field to meet a friend and her recall is pretty good.

Lucy now runs around the field like a mad thing. Loose tail, flea up her bum. Plays with toys, chews bones does all the things a dog does. Her personality is really coming out. My grandson is very happy with her, although he still occasionally calls her Ellie bellie. Lucy does not mind. She quickly found confidence to sit in another room from me. She tries to be a lap dog. We all know Dalmatians try that but it is very uncomfy.

I am looking forward to the summer when we can go on some less muddy walks. We are off to the beach tomorrow. As she came from a city a long way from the coast has she seen the sea before? So much for us both to find out about each other. We have been in pubs that say children, dogs and muddy boots welcome. I had my grandson so we were welcome on all counts.

All in all we are getting on very well. I am so glad I changed my mind. Some dogs may be older but they still deserve a new home, if their other owners can no longer accomodate them.

Here is hoping we have a good few years together. One thing I know she will not be looking for another home. She is with me now and will stay.

Oh you wanted to know what she has stolen? One bread roll, then was sick everywhere. But very cornily my heart.

Janet Fulford and family.



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