Male, 3 years old

Image of Dog

Louie is 2.5yrs old, he is black spotted, vaccinated and microchipped. He is being rehomed due to a family member developing a dog hair allergy.

Louie walks nicely on the lead, pulls a little but he’s eager to get out and about, he loves swimming and has good off lead recall.

He has lived with & met lots of children aged between 1 -13 yrs, he has lived quite happily with a cat but likes to chase any others that might venture into his garden, he like to chase birds too.

Louie is playful when he meets other dogs and currently lives with 2 other dogs and a bitch, he does like his own space when its food time, and if you leave your food laying around he will help himself.

Louie loves to play ball games, he is described as very affectionate and loves a cuddle. He sleeps downstairs on the sofa.


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