Female, 7 years old

Image of Dog

Lola is 20 months old, spayed and liver spotted.

Her original owner left her with her current family on a short term  basis and never came back for her. Lola lives in a house hold with a five year old child. We are told that Lola is very timid with new people and large dogs but has never been aggressive.

Lola has now been assessed. She was quite timid with our assessor for about 5 minutes and then became a normal happy friendly dalmatian. She is overweight as she is only walked very short distances due to the owner’s commitments.  Our assessor took his own male dog to see how Lola reacted and she was desperate to see him and play. In fact she seemed to really want to stay and play for much longer. Whoever takes on Lola will need to address her dietary needs and be able to give her lots of exercise.

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