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Thanks for re-homing Libby with us just over a year ago now. She is nothing short of a loving and loyal dog, food obsessed and wonderfully hyper active, all traits associated with the breed. Here were we live she has the free run of 5 acres of land, which she utilises to the full! Libby has also got an adopted brother called Louis another Dalmatian, (Liver spots), and the two of them can be found bouncing around together playing in the grounds wearing each other out to the full. Libby has a tremendous sense of smell and sight, and can pick up other animal trails at the drop of a hat, she is very interested in all the smells that the country life has to offer. Her other two daily routines involve staring out of the window, curious of any such movement that maybe taking place outside, and of an evening, a well deserved sleep in front of the log burner. I really couldn’t imagine life without her, and my thanks go out to all at the Dalmatian welfare that made this possible.
Libby A Libby B Libby and pal
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