Lexy – (with K9 Crusaders)

Female, 7 years old

Image of Dog

This super fabulous, fun-loving, affectionate and energetic girl is still looking for a home.
She is a collie/Dalmatian mix who plays ball like a collie, and has the beautiful, extended running action of the Dalmatian, as well as the determination and strength of mind.
Lexy is a hunter who closes in like a heat seeking missile and pounces with lightning speed. New owners must be alert and aware as her prey drive can get her into hot water!
She can be nervous of the unfamiliar, both people and places, but once settled, her true character comes to the fore, and she really is a delight. This intuitive, intelligent girl has so much to give you, if you give her the time to understand that you are worthy of her trust.
Lexy will need to be the only pet as she is reactive to other dogs.
She would love a secure lawned garden for those endless games-she loves toys, and will need the biggest toybox!  Someone should be home most of the day as she doesn’t like to be left for long periods.
Could possibly live with dog savvy, sensible children of 15 years upwards.
Lexy is not suitable for anyone frail or with balance issues as she will pull or knock you over.
New owners will have to be strong, active and energetic, and very much ‘on the ball’ to keep up with, and be one step ahead of the huge character that is super intelligent Lexy!
K9 Crusaders 01872 560232 or fill out the enquiry form on the website www.k9crusaders.dog
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