Male, 6½ years old

Image of Dog

Lenny will be 2 in August of this year.  He is a black spotted, entire, boy who is looking for a new home due to his current owners change in work life.

Lenny can be boisterous both with people and other dogs. He  is used to children over the age of 14.  He does not live with cats though shows an interest in them when he comes across them and his current owner feels he may be tempted to chase them if he had the opportunity.

He’s pretty good on the lead but his current owner advises that’s it’s always good to try to pre-empt him. Lenny LOVES his food and SIMPLY ADORES being kissed and cuddled to the extent he will happily sit on any available lap should the owner of the lap be agreeable.

He doesn’t like going into Kennels and he currently has a house sitter when the need arises.  Awaiting assessment.


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