Image of Dog

5 year old Kobi (original name Scoobie) came from a Lady who lived with her daughter who was expecting a baby. Scoobie was not happy with younger children and it was decided that he would have to be rehomed before the baby arrived. His previous owner was very, very fond of him and was extremely upset at having to rehome him.

Kobi has gone to live with a husband and wife who live in a very big house with 6 cats, which is divided into large flats. Many of the flat owners also have dogs and they, and their owners, meet and socialise in the garden several times a day. This picture was taken about a week after Kobi went to live with them and as you can see, he is enjoying his new home and lifestyle. The new owner writes :

Kobi has settled in really well in the house and is even getting the hang of the cats (still with muzzle) but he is calm around them now rather than creating complete havoc! He is very well behaved in the house and knows not to go upstairs. He is happy to be left while I am at work with no scenes of destruction on my return. He also learnt to wee on command after 3 days. The most useful thing you can teach a dog when it’s freezing cold and pouring with rain!

He loves toys and can’t wait for my husband to get home for a mad 10 minutes with a squeeky ball. He is looking even better now he has lost a bit of weight and his muscle tone is now starting. He is actually a very calm dog most of the time now he doesn’t get a bag of chocolate buttons in the afternoon or egg and a fried slice for breakfast!

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