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After our female dally Itchy died suddenly age eight on the 29th January 2015 we were left with an Itchy sized gap in our hearts and Marmite our seven-year-old male just didn’t seem the same.

So after many talks we decided to adopt from BDW and after completing the process we were delighted to hear that we had been approved and it was just a matter of waiting until we got the right dog for us.  Not long after on the 13th of March 2015 we got the call we were so desperate to receive, there was a girl named Kenzi who needed a forever home and after getting some information about her we said yes.

The next day on the 14th of March we got Kenzi.  Kenzi came with lots of belongings and we were happy that she had familiar things to help her settle in, she also came with a nice letter from her previous owner which we found to be very useful and often found ourselves referring back to it. At first Kenzi was a bit nervous but after a few days and lots of love and walkies she came around and her personality started to show, she is really goofy but very intelligent, her favourite thing to do is to run and jump into muddy puddles.

Kenzi loves her two walkies a day and running free, she also has  good recall and walks nicely on a lead. Kenzi and Marmite have become increasingly close and she follows him everywhere and vice versa.  Kenzi also likes to go visiting to family and friends especially her granny and grandad as they spoil her with teddies and bones.

Kenzi and Marmite spend hours together playing tug of war and chewing the ears and tails off teddies which I’m glad to say they spit out.  Kenzi’s previous owner has done a brilliant job with her and it must have  been heartbreaking to have  had to rehome her.  Kenzi is amazing she’s a delight to own and we love her very much, we couldn’t have wished for a better girly.

We love being part of BDW and we feel like part of their family, it’s nice how they carry on supporting us even after the adoption and the previous owners can get updates and photos.  Thanks to all the kind people at BDW  for doing a great job finding these wonderful spotted heartbreakers and heartmakers a loving forever home.

Kenzi B Kenzi C Kenzie and Marmite Kenzie and Marmite B Walkies

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