Female, 8½ years old

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Keira was put up for adoption aged seven months and was not used to regular walks or discipline. She was adopted by a couple with a ten-year-old Dalmatian male, Bertie, who got the shock of his life to have his peace and quiet shattered. Keira is small in size but large in personality. She settled in very quickly and remarkably has very good recall on walks. As she’s still a puppy, she’s very bouncy and can get vocal when excited. Her initial chewing of her bed, her owners’ glasses, wallets etc has calmed down, helped by multiple chew toys. She is totally food obsessed but is slowly learning not to surf the kitchen counter tops for food. She will even let Bertie’s bowl be put down first without barging on in. She’s a very loving and beautiful dog, and, three months in, we hope she is as happy with her new home as we are with her.

DSC05759B&K 2 Jan 2016

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