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Joey and another Dalmatian, a Bitch called Sasha had to be rehomed due to a relationship break up. The Lady owner was leaving them on their own for long periods of time, because she was out at work all day. She felt they deserved a more interesting life and reluctantly asked us to rehome them both.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASasha went to a different family and we hope to feature an update on her new life soon. This is an update received a month after Joey had been in his new home.

Hi. Well Joey is fantastic, he has really become one of the family. Joey is the perfect dog and is a typical Dalmatian, active, loving, a great companion, very boisterous and needs lots of exercise.

Joey has us out three times a day, which is perfect for us because there is always someone to take him out. We went to the Vet to have his booster done and he was fine there also.

I now let him off the lead and his recall is getting good. Please find photos of Joey in the snow. I will send more of him soon!

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