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Jess4Our first introduction to Dalmatians was in July 2005 when we fell in love with a very lively dog at my local rescue home, his name was Don. We took him home where he settled in very well especially with Sarah my partner, they where inseparable. Sadly Sarah died suddenly in 2007. Obviously we were all devastated and found it hard to cope for a while but Don took it so hard; we were really worried for him for a while.

Time passed we all recovered to a degree but Don just was not the happy-go-lucky, bolshie fella he had been. In 2008 my son and I decided Don needed a girlfriend…these were my 7 year old’s exact words, so we contacted our local rescue who recommended Dalmatian Welfare to us [they said the best dog for the job would be another Dally].

Jess2We contacted Dalmatian Welfare straight away, they were very helpful a local man did our home check, he agreed Don needed a buddy. A week later I got a phone call from Dalmatian Welfare they had a suitable girl for us but unfortunately when they went to collect her she had been sold on [I’m hoping not for breeding]. We were so very disappointed but as luck would have it 3 days later we had a call saying that there was another girl who would be suitable, as the owner was just about to have a baby and realised she would not be able to cope. I was asked if I could collect the dog as soon as possible.

So off I went to Burton on Trent to the lady’s house to collect Jess. She was a beautiful liver spotted small girl. The poor lady who owned Jess was so upset to have to give her up, in fact it is not very nice to take away someone’s dog but she realised it was for the best [I can see why Dalmatian Welfare normally have a go-between]. So I put Jess into the car and off home we went.

Jess3When we got home and introduced Don and Jess in the field at the back of the house all mayhem broke loose [friendly play thankfully]. It took 1.½ hours of very lively play before they both even acknowledged we were there. Then one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen happened, Don walked into the house with Jess following he laid in his bed and Jess laid down right on top of him. We have had Jess for 2 years now and I would like to say she has lightened all our lives so much and is bossing us boys around. Thank you to Dalmatian Welfare…

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