Male, 3½ years old

Image of Dog

Jax is 2 and a half   he is black spotted and castrated.  Jax is a Dalmatian – Pointer cross, he exhibits all the characteristics of a Dalmatian, including size, weight etc.  We are looking for a home where Jax will receive lots of exercise, he is very energetic, playful and fun to be around, he loves playing fetch with a ball.

Our assessor wrote : Jax showed no aggression towards people or dogs when out walking although he jumps up at them in excitement, so training is required to address the jumping, but this behaviour is more overly energetic and playful,  he was dashing around and jumping in and out of a nearby stream, he is extremely fast and lively. The decision to rehome Jax is purely based on him being left alone for long periods due to work, he is not destructive when left alone but his high energy and need for attention does show he requires a home with good levels of companionship and regular walks.


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