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Holly’s settling in.

Holly is a 1½ year old bitch whose owner was out at work for a lot of the time, leaving her on her own. He realised that this was not fair on her and reluctantly asked us to rehome her. She was rehomed with a young family who have two young boys. The new owner writes:

‘Holly has settled in fantastically, she gets lots of exercise and has two lads to fuss over her, as well as me and my wife. She is eating well, not quite eating us out of house and home, although she has had a few goes at eating bits of our house and home!

We live minutes from the seafront so she gets lots of walks by the sea. We were allowed on the beach as of October 1st, so she has been playing in the sand and running away from the tide. Holly also has had lots of fun playing with other dogs in nearby parks.

She has such a lovely nature and will play for hours given the chance. It must have been heartbreaking for the previous owner to have to give her up, but please let him know that Holly is being well looked after and we all love her very much.

Please feel free to use the photo on your website. Keep up the good work.’

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