Female, 18½ years old

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Hello, I’m Holly, and I’m 8 years old. Most of my life I’ve been with a bad person, who hasn’t treated me well and made me have lots and lots of puppies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all my babies and did my very best for them, but eventually I became exhausted and ill.
When I couldn’t do my job properly anymore, I ended up with the RSPCA, and that’s when my luck changed. They did their best to tidy me up and start me on my road to recovery, but, best of all, they asked Dalmatian Welfare to find me a home  – and they knew just the right mum and dad for me.
After a short stay with a nice foster mum, I went to my new home in the country. At first I was pretty poorly and very insecure, but with love and patience, and help from Dalmatian Welfare, I soon became a healthy, happy girl. Now I have a comfy bed, good food and long walks in the fields – which has done wonders for my saggy “mummy tummy”. I’m popular with all the other dogs, as I’m a really friendly girl.
I’ll admit to being a bit of a food thief! My tally so far includes two chocolate sponges and a pound of pork sausages, half- frozen and still linked together. Gosh, they were good- like meat ice lollies! But, I’m always forgiven because my mum and dad love me, and I love them too.
Margaret Green.
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