Heidi ( on behalf of – Worcester Animal Shelter)

Female, 3½ years old

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Meet Heidi,

This beautiful girl came to the Shelter due to her owner being able to cope after losing her husband and having another dog in the home. Heidi has previously lived with a Dachshund,  they got along well the majority of the time, however sometimes they would squabble in the home. She has met larger dogs here at the shelter and hasn’t wanted to overly interact if they become too much she does curl her lips, but she is currently awaiting to be neutered this may improve in time after this with further confidence building, she is better with calm dogs that don’t want too much from her.   Heidi bonds very quickly with people she trusts and becomes very attached, she can be very wary of new people especially in her safe spaces, such as her home, & kennel etc. Heidi’s body language previously hasn’t been read very well, and she has snapped at peoples hands, when they have tried to touch her on first greeting, she needs an experienced home where someone understands the breed & can read her behaviour when she is feeling overwhelmed. In return Heidi will be a really sweet companion, she adores her friends, and she loves her adventures and walks! We would like any potential adopters to have a conversation with our vet that has worked closely with Heidi regarding her vet history, it would be great if we could find a local home (Worcestershire area). Heidi is looking for an adult only home, with no cats she may be able to live with another suitable dog depending on meets at the Shelter.

For information on Heidi, please contact

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter 01905 831651


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