Male, 13½ years old

Image of Dog

William is a 7 year old black spotted, neutered male.  He was re-homed by us 3 years ago, but his owners have developed unexpected health problems which now prevents them from giving him the exercise he needs. They have reluctantly decided the best thing for him is that he needs a new loving home with a new family who can give him all the time and exercise he longs for.

William is a very powerful dog, he greets people rather too enthusiastically, which new owners will need to discourage. He does not particularly like small dogs when on lead, this again is something new owners should work on. He has limited off lead experience.

Reduced exercise means he is currently overweight, but this can be easily rectified with diet and exercise. William knows all basic commands, listens and works for treats.  He is very good in the home, can be left without any problems.  He is very loving, good with children of all ages, loves watching TV and snuggling up by the fire. He is not good with cats and although he hasn’t lived with another dog, our assessor believes ideally he should live with a confident female who loves to run and is used to living with a male.

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