Male, 13½ years old

Image of Dog

This is 8 year old Harry, he is a big happy dog, a very relaxed chap and he has ended up in kennels through no fault of his own. His owner had some personal problems and was forced to give him up after owning him for about 18 months. Harry did live with another dog.

Harry is black spotted and not castrated. Vaccinations are in the process of being done and he is being cared for in a kennels in South Wales for us and will be fully assessed in the next few days. He is very good in kennels does not bother with the other dogs and seems a very laid back dog. Harry also takes no notice of the cats that live at the kennels and seems to like attention and fuss from the staff there. He does ‘pull like a train’ as the saying goes and he is overweight and he has not been exercised very much in recent weeks.

Further details when assessed.

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