Male, 10 years old

Image of Dog

Harley is 6 years old, black and white spotted and castrated. he has lived with a child who is now 11. He has not lived with cats.  He is nervous and aggressive with other dogs but the other day he was left tied up outside a shop and  someone else did the same with their  dog and he did not react at all so some of the problem may be to do with being on lead with his owner. He does pull on the lead but has excellent recall for a whistle so is exercised off lead in  an area with good visibility so he can be put back on the lead if another dog is seen.  His owner is now working very long hours.

Our assessors found him to be a friendly obedient dog.  Although he did react to another dog when on a lead it was just a little grumble under his breath and his tail was still wagging and his hackles weren’t up. We will provide behavioural support for anyone who takes him on.

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