Female, 8 years old

Image of Dog

Hallie is 3 years old and deaf. She was taken in by her current owners at ten weeks old as they also have her deaf litter brother and another younger hearing bitch dalmatian. Most of the time she is fine with them both but in the house every so often she gets involved in spats with the other bitch. She is fine with all other dogs when out.

For this reason she probably needs in a home with either a male dog or as a single dog.  She has been spayed and lives with cats. She is very loving and has to be with the owners when they are in the house

She has now been assessed and is quite timid. Our assessors think she does need the company of at least one other dog as she relies on her hearing companion.  She is going on trial this weekend to a foster home during December 2018 so there will be further news very soon.

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