Male, 2 years old

Image of Dog

Gray is almost 18 months old, he is a black spot, vaccinated, full hearing and microchipped.

He lives with his mother, sister and brother.  Sadly Gray and his brother have recently taken a dislike to each other and have had a couple of fights.

Apart from the issues with his male litter mate, Gray gets on really well with the two other female dogs in the house. Our assessor said Gray was happy and was wanting to play. He walks well on the lead ( pulls like many dalmatians ) has very good recall, he will chase cats. He can be reactive on the lead, he might pull and bark but a firm reminder usually stops the behaviour. The current situation with the litter sibling wont be helping his stress levels, so we are looking for someone who can give a good amount of regular exercise and continue his training, Gray could live with a female dog, as he is loving and playful,  Gray is now fully grown, we would recommend that he is neutered when he gets his new home.



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