Male, 5½ years old

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Flash is currently with one of our wonderful foster homes, the report below has been written by them.

Flash is a 5-6 year old castrated male. He is a gorgeous boy who will smile when pleased to see you. He also has a cheeky half smile when he knows he has misbehaved. (Makes it hard to tell him off!) Flash is a delight to have around the house, he wants to be with you but in the main has a settled manner with very occasional Zoomies. He is not destructive with anything unless left alone when he can be inventive to get to food containers. We do leave him for short periods in a crate where he is settled and quiet. He will be vocal when you return but only if he thinks it is meal time. Flash sleeps well at night in his crate. Most of the time Flash stays off the furniture but not the kitchen worktops. If given even half a chance will steal bread/toast etc from under your nose.

Since his time with us he has learnt to walk almost to heel when walking to the park. I have tried all sorts of leads and harnesses with him and the most successful has been a pair of slip leads. He is currently not allowed off his lead as he is reactive to other dogs. I do however have a long horse line so he has some freedom in the park. When walking past other dogs he sometimes will lunge at them so I try to walk on the opposite side of the road. He does respond to “Leave” but often needs the command more than once. He is also reactive to cats. He is currently wearing a soft muzzle to prevent any accidents. Flash loves to play with a ball and rope toy with or without you and would benefit from living in a home with a large garden where he could play or a home somewhere without too many other dogs around.


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