Male, 12½ years old

Image of Dog

Ellis is a 6 year old black spotted castrated dog who is deaf. The partner of the owner died and now the dog is being left on its own alot although he does live with other dogs of different types, sexes and sizes. Some of these are also being rehomed. One that he does play with a lot is a Chihuahua. Ellis is good with other dogs when out but is not let off lead and he takes a while to get used to new people. Our assessor found him to be a nice dog a bit hesitant at first in getting to know him but our assessor was able to walk him out on a lead and he did not pull. He can growl a little bit for no apparent reason he is curious to other dogs that he meets when out but is fine. He is used to cats and will need to be rehomed with someone who can give him the confidence he needs by them being home most of the day and having another dog that he can live with – preferably a bitch.

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