Male, 12½ years old

Image of Dog

Domino is aged 5/6 and has been with his elderly owners since he was 9 months old. Domino currently lives with a bitch dalmatian but he is being rehomed as one of the elderly owners has parkinsons and has recently broken his pelvis and so he is now too much for the lady owner to walk and take care of because he is still a young dog.

Domino was recently assessed and whilst he has behaviour issues with other dogs and when meeting people we think that in the right very experienced home he could be retrained out of some of these and be a really nice dog. He is fearful/aggressive of meeting people for the first time but when he gets to know you after a few minutes he seems to be just fine and settles down. He is walked with a muzzle/halti type lead but he walks nicely and does not pull. When out the assessor met other dogs some he was aggressive towards other he completely ignored and they also came across, children, people, people on bikes, pushchairs all of which he ignored.

In one of the photos he is seen with a relatives dog, a bitch yorkie they had a great game together playing and chasing for a ball in a noisy excitable way. Domino would not be placed with a young family he is not used to cat or other small animals.


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