Image of Dog

Happy Now

Dod was an 8 year old dog who lived in a house on his own for the last few weeks of being with his owner. The family had split up. The mother had moved out with the children, leaving the husband on his own with Dod. Dod was not taken out very often and then only for a walk on a lead in a busy city, because the husband was out trying to find a job.

When he was moved to his new family, he first of all needed a really good bath he was so dirty. When this was done he was found to have a skin condition. At first no one was sure what it was, if it was just caused by the dirt in his coat, or something more serious. But after his bath, a little medication and some TLC, his skin inproved and it has now cleared up

He loves his new family, which includes several children. They adore him in return and have found that he likes swimming. He of course gets lots of long walks and is now a very happy dog.

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