Female, 13 years old

Image of Dog

Dizzy will be 8 in June. She is black spotted and spayed and lives with two other dogs. Dizzy has had nothing to do with cats or children. She is said to be wary of men , and will bark if they try to  too close but is happy with women.

For the first 18 months of her life Dizzy was kept in a shed and not properly socialised.  Our assessors found her to be very shy but not aggressive.  She walked well on a lead until a vehicle went by close to her and then she was so worried that she just wanted to go back home. She lives in a very quiet rural area and we are told she is quite noise sensitive.  She also enjoys the occasional run on the beach with the other resident dalmatian.  We think she needs a home with a female owner with or without another dog.


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