Image of Dog

We got Disney, my very spoilt dally, when she was 2½ years old.

The day that I saw her was when I was at my riding stables. My Mum brought her in the car to come and meet me. I was extremely amazed at how fat she was, but she was soon put on a very strict diet and now she’s as cute as ever.

Disney is a very grinny dog and likes to smile at people who she likes and knows! its really adorable! As I ride and do a lot of jumping I thought that it would be a fun idea to jump her over some bamboo sticks in my back garden at first she didn’t know at all what she was doing but now she can jump the height of my garden chairs which are really big!

Last year we brought ourselves a caravan. Disney loves going away in it, especially when there are loads of long walks in the countryside!

Disney is a very docile dog for her breed, and likes sun bathing in the garden on a really hot day with me but we have to watch out that her nose doesn’t get burnt , so we have to put factor 25 sun cream on it !

Disney’s best girl friend is Dolce and she has a boyfriend Rocky who is a golden Retriever! She also likes her picture being taken as she poses a lot as you can see!

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