Male, 2 years old

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Dennis is 18 months old, black spotted, vaccinated and microchipped. He has been in one of our lovely foster homes for the last few months, where he has been taught so much and our fosterer has really go to know him. The write up below has been written by her.

Dennis is a smiling, happy, fun loving young dog who loves to play and needs attention. He can fetch although is reluctant to give the object back and sings when he hears an emergency vehicle siren. He is still teething and if he can get his jaws on a plastic container he will chew it.

He is very active and needs a long walk or preferably a run each day. He can also run with a bike.

He is curious and enjoys going out in our motorhome with us because of this he is used to long travel journeys.

He knows all the basic commands and some extra ones but as a young dog he can have selective hearing for 20% of the time! He will steal any food he can get hold of but is not food possessive and will wait until he is told he can have his allocated food.

He is very social and regularly mobbed by children when out and takes it in his stride, he is also becoming a regular character with other local dog walkers. He has no aggression in him and loves to play with other dogs.

Dennis needs an active family home with older children as he is bouncy and energetic. He is quite strong and still pulls a little on the lead, but he is improving every day.  I believe he would be happy to live with another dog if need be. He may enjoy agility or CaniX as these are active and social, he needs a home who with someone who has the time to exercise him every day and will continue with his training.



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