Male, 8 years old

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Diego is 3 years old, black spotted and castrated. He is blind in one eye from an injury as a puppy.  His owner hasn’t been able to walk him for the last five months.  Our assessor found Diego to be a lively friendly boy, who was happy to play with our assessor’s dog and was excited to meet our assessor. Diego has now moved to a foster home (9th Feb) for training and socialisation, especially with other dogs. We will update his write up as soon as we receive a progress report.


In his foster home Diego is getting regular  walks and  was let off lead for the first time this weekend as his fosterer is working on his recall. She says he is a sweet natured dog but although he is 3 years old it is like having a puppy as he has had little training or socialisation. She thinks Diego would be too lively for a first time dalmatian owner or one with small children. He has a dog play date planned for this week to see how he reacts. We will update his write up again as soon as we receive a progress report.

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