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Dave is a well-proportioned black spotted, neutered male.  Age approximately 2 years old he is very fit and healthy.  Not much is known about the first 6 months of his life which is possibly why he is a bit wary of new people and in particular men. Dave is very exuberant and sometimes too much for the older dog in the house and as a consequence sometimes they don’t get along.  On such occasions, the scraps are soon over both dogs happily stay in the house and even sleep together without issue. He lives with 2 cats.

Dave has had some basic obedience and generally has nice manners.  He has typical young Dalmatian traits: he counter-surfs and will steal if given the chance, he can also open stair gates and the lid of the rubbish bin! He loves children, living with 4, and is playful and affectionate.

Through no fault if his own, 2 year old Dave now needs to find a new home.  He was brought as a friend for the family’s first dog, but he has never really accepted Dave.   The family feel their loyalty must lie with the dog they had first.

Dave walks reasonably nicely on the lead.  He is not always good meeting dogs when on lead,  his behaviour could look threatening to another dog owner.  Our assessor noted that he is very strong, and needs to be held back firmly. Off lead he runs to other dogs to sniff and will play.   Dave’s ideal home will be with a bitch who is happy to share her home, and a large garden to play in.  His new owner will need to work with him to resolve his behaviour towards other dogs when on the lead. In the right home he will make a fabulous family pet.

If Dave sounds like the dog for you, please contact us for more information.

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