Male, 15½ years old

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Dart is a beautiful dalmatian, who due to no fault of his own find himself in a refuge in the South West of France. Dart arrived due to a change in his owner’s circumstances. Life for his homeless owner improved when he was able to move into a flat, however the hours of being locked up alone did not suit Dart, who was used to much more time outside and preferably with human company.

Dart was born in September 2008, which means he will be nine this year. However he is in great shape. And what a gentleman! He is wonderful on the lead, very affectionate and he is good with female dogs, cats and children. There is no reason at all why this dog should be hard to home!

Who has a space in their heart for this stunning lad? The only requirement is lots of love and presence. Surely that is not too much to ask?

Please get in touch if you can offer a home to Dart. Although he is located in South West France, he can move to the UK with no problems. We can transport him under the European-wide TRACES system, meaning he will travel with a registered and approved carrier. His adoption fee is £350, which includes rabies vaccination and passport, standard vaccinations, testing for mediterranean diseases such as leischmaniasis, castration and microchip as well as transport.

If you can offer a home to Dart, please contact Darcey (in English) at [email protected]

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