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Our story began when we found an add on a selling site for a Dalmatian, friendly overall good dog! We jumped at the chance of giving this beautiful dog a new loving home with out knowing what was in store. He was very dominant and before we knew it he had taken over our home and we were living by his rules, which wasn’t too bad as we all fell in love with him. We had learned so much through British Dalmatian Welfare about these dogs that we didn’t know when first got him, but we had re-homed a dog we knew nothing about and very sadly our story with Pongo ended with a very big lesion learned.

The gap in our hearts and home from not having a dog was so big, we knew if we where going to try again selling sites where not going to be an option. British Dalmatian Welfare assesses all the dogs and chooses the right family for them!

The day Carol a British Dalmatian Welfare volunteer brought Darcy to our home, we were filled with an array of different emotions. She was a lot smaller than the previous male Dalmatian we had and didn’t come into our home demanding a higher status than us. Carol stayed till we all felt comfortable which was great. A few minutes into her leaving Darcy opened the front door and did a disappearing act, with me running out the door trying to catch her, thinking this isn’t a great start!

She spent the first few hours restless and trying to find an escape but soon settled down and enjoyed being fussed. The first few days as we come downstairs in the mornings Darcy would be unsure and cowered away. It took only a few days for her to get used to our routine and the morning we come down stairs to her excited to see us was just a great feeling. We spent so much time outside playing she really began to relax around us and the bond with her and my children has just grown and grown.
Having a dog that is so well mannered around the house and who is good with new people was an eye opener. A lot of my friends and family had heard that not all rescue dogs get re-homed due to problems of their own. It was clear that Darcy had come form a brilliant family and we feel so lucky to have her.
We couldn’t thank British Dalmatian Welfare enough with their help and information, the work they do is simply amazing.


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