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Dalmi is a nine-year-old black spotted Dalmatian who is residing in Animal Rescue Sofia (ARS) dog shelter in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can view his profile on their website by clicking here

The English speaking person Stella who works at the rescue centre sent this information about Dalmi.

This is Dalmi, a 9 year old Dalmatian cross who currently lives in a rescue centre in Bulgaria. Dalmi is just one of the many dogs abandoned and left to roam the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, at constant risk of injury, starvation and worse. Dalmi is one of the lucky ones – rescued when close to death and slowly nursed back to health – but he has now been waiting for a forever home for nearly 4 years. Unfortunately, despite his obvious spotty charms, Dalmi has been overlooked because he is not a puppy or a pedigree and, in desperation, the rescue centre has approached BDW to try and find him a home.

Although a cross, Dalmi has typical Dalmatian features and plenty of black spots. He has lost part of his ear whilst living on the streets but apart from this is now a healthy, happy dog. His history before rescue is not known, but it is thought he was a pet at some point as he is house-trained and understands basic commands. He is a friendly, laid-back dog, loving and playful with humans. He is also fine with most dogs, apart from the occasional male – his rescuers think this may be due to lack of socialisation, and is something his new owner will need to work on. He should be able to live with another female dog, or as an only dog.

Dalmi is neutered, vaccinated and has a pet passport that would allow him to travel to the UK if a home can be found. All costs of transport will be covered, and no donation is required (although all donations would be very gratefully received). If you think you could help Dalmi, either with a permanent home or even as a foster to help him adjust to life as a pet again, please contact BDW or the rescue centre, Animal Rescue Sofia (www.arsofia.com), directly – they will accept our assessed adopters.


One of our Dalmatian Welfare volunteers visits Sofia with work and feels that maybe this boy could be fostered by someone to get a better picture of him before we can find him a permanent home.  ARS will accept our assessed adopters with no further assessment needed. Could you help this dog? Please contact us via contact us on website or on the re-homing line (07905) 495084 (answer-phone service).
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