Male, 12 years old

Image of Dog

This is Dallas he is a 5 year old liver spotted castrated dog who needed to be rehomed as was not getting on with the 2 other dogs he lived with. We subsequently took him from the owner when she moved home and he has been with a behaviourist for the last few weeks. We are now confident that he is ready for rehoming, the stresses he had in his previous home has gone and he has become a happy confident dog who loves playing with other dogs and is very much enjoying a fixed routine which he has experienced since he has been with the behaviourist.  We are now think that he is really ready for a forever home.
He ideal home would be as an only dog and someone who is around for most of the day. Moving on he would need life to continue with routine and introductions to things at a slow pace.As you can see from his picture he is an incredibly handsome dog and  he is a very loving boy. Dallas can be visited in Swindon (Wiltshire) where he can be seen and allowed to meet a potential adopter family. If needed we are willing to offer ongoing support to a new owner and his behaviourist can also be on hand to answer any questions about him or assist if required.
We really would like Dallas to be placed into a home environment as soon as possible and we would consider a foster home with a view to adopt but ideally a forever home would be a wonderful happy ending for this really lovely lad. We dont know what he is like with very young children so a new home would have to have older children (10+).
If you have any questions about him you are welcome to message us through our Facebook page.
If you are an assessed adopter please call 07905 495084 or if you are looking to adopt and are not yet assessed please call 07976 360468 and let our adoption coordinator know you are interested in Dallas.


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