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Daisy2Daisy weighed 54 kilos – almost twice the weight of a healthy Dally – when she came to us and she had various problems due to her weight. We couldn’t help but immediately feel sympathy for this old girl, yet she didn’t ask for it – in fact she probably never wanted or required it in the first place. Daisy has always been very outgoing, cheerful and eager, even if she grumbles at our boy Dizney most of the time!

Within a week Daisy was venturing out on our usual three mile walk, chasing Dizney round the field and beginning to show her vibrant, typical Dalmatian nature. She lost 8 kilos in that first week and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Daisy’s improvement is very noticeable. When you shout ‘SHE’S SQUATTING’ you realise how difficult Daisy’s life had been. Even a basic natural task was a challenge.

In January her back legs weren’t able to sustain the weight of her body so she could squat to pee. Instead she seemed to urinate spontaneously and standing up….even continuing on her walk. She is a fairly obedient dog and just needs more work on her recall. It has taken just a week to teach Daisy to run along side a bike and she loves to run, at times it can be a job just to keep up with her!

Daisy has been living with us for just over 3 months, she looks more like a dog than a table now and we learn something new about her every day.

There is definitely something about Daisy which makes her an adorable companion, a unique character and a dog that has a lot of love to give. Despite, perhaps, not looking good on paper, I hope Daisy finds that forever home that she truly deserves; and her new family will see all that we have and more.

We’re pleased to say Daisy now has a new home, but there are many special Dalmatians needing a good home. Please contact us if you feel you could help with a Dalmatian like Daisy.

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