Daisy R


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We adopted Daisy in June 2009 throught Welfare and she bought us a huge amount of pleasure in that time. Her previous owners had quoted the reason they could no longer care for Daisy as the addition of a young family. So when we discovered that we were expecting our first child last year, we did wonder how Daisy might cope with a baby in the house.

After doing a bit of reading on the subject of dogs and babies, we started to leave some baby items around our home for Daisy to sniff and get used to. Also, I did a couple of practice runs out with the empty buggy and Daisy on the lead … felt a bit of a fool initially, but it worked a treat and soon had her walking well … even though her usual lead walking skills are not great!

DaisyR2When our son, Ewan, arrived in early March 2010 we introduced the two of them without any great fuss and have made sure that Daisy still gets lots of play and cuddle time in the evenings, which she has always had, to prevent any jealousy …….. And the result is a very chilled out friendship between Ewan and Daisy…….. I think the picture here shows that beautifully!!

Thanks again for the great work you do in ensuring the right dogs and owners are matched. Daisy and the Dalmatians we’ve had in the past have made fantastic family members and have certainly enriched our lives.

Best wishes. Helen and David Richards.

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