Daisy 7yrs & Rufus 3yrs

Female, 9 years old

Image of Dog

Daisy And Rufus are very much a bonded pair and would need to be re homed together. Both Daisy and Rufus have been in a foster for a couple of weeks and are now ready to be re homed.
Daisy will be seven in July she is black and white and she has not been spayed. she hasn’t lived with young children although she is fine around older children. She is also fine when travelling. Daisy is a very friendly, active and loving girl she loves to tease Rufus into playing and although she is quite vocal in play, she has not displayed any aggression. She is a very smart girl and takes the lead in her relationship with Rufus who can sometimes be a little boisterous for her but all in play and fun.
Rufus will be three this year he is black and white he has also been castrated. Just as Daisy he hasn’t lived with young children but fine around older children. He is also fine when travelling. Rufus is a lively, handsome. Loveable young neutered male. There is no aggression displayed he is very much bonded with Daisy and them seem too instinctively know what each other is doing.
Such a beautiful pair together.
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