Female, 9½ years old

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Daisy (aka Princess Daisy) aged 20 months
Daisy joined our mad and slightly eccentric family in January 2016. As a 20 month adolescent she arrived with an owner’s report that listed three pages of her former misdemeanours which included chewing, barking, showing her teeth, pulling on the lead, no recall, poor diet and obsessively licking her tummy to name a few!
Our first thoughts were she needed to learn some manners and how to behave! With twenty years of Dalmatian ownership and having a beautiful boy named Toby to show her the ropes we imagined this would be (excuse the pun) ‘a walk in the park’! Little did we realise the extent of time, patience and training that would be required.
However, two-months-on and with great support from British Dalmatian Welfare and Je-an Spears (Dog Behaviour Therapist) we now have a sweet girl. Daisy is beginning to enjoy long walks, sleeping, playing with Toby (and other dogs) and most of all is content with sharing her life with a family who enjoy her companionship and learning experiences. Daisy continues to be a real ‘princess’ at times and literally walks all over Toby, but he takes it all in his stride.


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